CarShield Announces Groundbreaking for State-of-the-Art Multi-Sport Complex in Chesterfield

Chesterfield, MO – CarShield Futbol Club is excited to unveil plans for the groundbreaking of CarShield Sportplex, a groundbreaking multi-sport facility set to redefine athletic development in the St. Louis Metro Area. Strategically located in Chesterfield Valley, this expansive complex will cater to athletes of all levels with its unparalleled amenities and innovative design.
The centerpiece of CarShield Sportplex will be its massive indoor facility featuring four full-size 9v9 turfed soccer fields and two full-size hockey rinks, complete with second-floor viewing areas for spectators. Complementing these indoor facilities will be three lighted, fully equipped 11v11 turfed soccer fields outdoors. The complex will also boast over 900 parking spaces for convenient access alongside a dedicated gym tailored for strength, speed, and agility training.
“We are thrilled to introduce CarShield Sportplex, a state-of-the-art facility designed to foster the growth and development of athletes in both soccer and hockey,” said Nick Hamilton, Owner, CarShield. “This complex represents our commitment to providing top-tier facilities that empower players to reach their maximum potential.”
Beyond its athletic offerings, CarShield Sportplex will feature corporate offices, classrooms for year-round hockey and soccer schools, as well as a variety of entertainment and dining options. This comprehensive approach aims to create a vibrant hub where athletes can train, compete, and unwind within a single venue.
CarShield Futbol Club, known for its inclusive and community-centric approach, has quickly emerged as a cornerstone of soccer excellence in the St. Louis area. Emphasizing individualized attention and development at every skill level, the club has garnered multiple state and regional championships, including recent victories in prestigious tournaments like the 2024 Missouri President’s Cup and the Missouri State Championship.
“Our success is rooted in a family-oriented community and a coaching staff with deep expertise in soccer,” added Nacho Novas. “Many of our coaches have played at the highest levels, including USMNT representation and professional careers worldwide, ensuring our players receive world-class mentorship.”
CarShield Sportplex is poised to host a range of local, regional, and state-level competitions, serving as the primary home for CarShield Futbol Club and CarShield AAA Hockey. This facility will further support the clubs’ commitment to nurturing talent through specialized programs tailored to elevate players to collegiate and professional levels.
Additional Information on CarShield Futbol Club’s Achievements and Coaching Expertise
CarShield Futbol Club has not only set the standard for excellence in youth soccer but has also solidified its reputation as a premier developmental program in the St. Louis Metro Area. With a strong emphasis on individual growth and community values, the club has consistently achieved remarkable success at regional and state levels.
“Our commitment to holistic player development is reflected in our performance on the field,” stated Steve Jose, Co-President of CarShield FC. “We are proud of our teams’ performances in prestigious tournaments such as the Super Copa and the Missouri President’s Cup, where our top 2009 Boys team emerged victorious in 2024.”
Recently, CarShield Futbol Club’s 2011 Academy NL team clinched the 2024 Missouri State Championship, underscoring the club’s dedication to nurturing talent from a young age. This success is a testament to the club’s philosophy of providing a supportive environment where players can thrive both on and off the field.
Integral to CarShield Futbol Club’s success is its coaching staff, comprised of seasoned professionals with extensive backgrounds in the sport. Many coaches have represented the US Men’s National Team (USMNT) and have played at various levels, including collegiate, semi-professional, and professional soccer globally.
“Our coaching team’s expertise has been pivotal in guiding players to excel at collegiate and professional levels,” added Nacho Novas. “Several of our players are currently making significant strides in the St. Louis City Academy system, with one of our 2009 Boys serving as the starting goalie for the CITY Academy 2009 (U16) team.”
CarShield Futbol Club’s ongoing success and commitment to player development highlight its role as a cornerstone of soccer excellence in the region. As the club prepares to move into the state-of-the-art CarShield Sportplex, these achievements serve as a testament to its unwavering dedication to fostering talent and creating opportunities for young athletes.
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About CarShield Futbol Club CarShield Futbol Club is a leading youth soccer organization based in the St. Louis Metro Area, known for its commitment to player development and community values. The club provides a supportive environment where athletes can achieve their full potential both on and off the field.
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