About Us


CarShield Athletics is proud to announce a new sponsored affiliate in St. Charles & St Louis County: CarShield FC with the help of its’ Co-Presidents, Steve Jose and Nacho Novas.

With the introduction of CarShield FC comes the expectation of this club to put their team first. CarShield FC strives to work hard and work together while remaining encouraging and positive. 

CarShield FC will continually post updates to this site that will include sign-up, contact, and schedule information.


The focus of CarShield FC is the growth and development of our players, teams, and organization by always trying to do what is the best interest of the individual player first.  We will provide motivated soccer athletes the opportunity to develop their skills by providing professional instruction in a positive and challenging environment. It will take the combined efforts of our staff, volunteers, players and their families in order for us to achieve our goals.  

CarShield FC is a competitive soccer club and our teams will be formed by selecting players of similar athletic ability.  These players will be provided the opportunity to train and play at the highest level of competition that their abilities will allow. The development of a player’s individual technical skills, tactical awareness, and teamwork is essential. Competing at the highest level possible helps players learn discipline, commitment, and life lessons that transcend winning. Respect and good sportsmanship are always at the forefront of competition and being humble in victory and gracious defeat is expected.

In order for our players and teams to maximize their development and achieve the highest level of competition, they must receive the best training available.  Therefore, the professional staff is entrusted with the responsibility to make technical decisions on player development based on what is in the best interest of the player.

Compliance with all rules and regulations of the competitions we enter and organizations with which we affiliate is necessary to protect the integrity of CarShield FC, our members, and the game.


CarShield FC was formed in order to provide motivated soccer athletes the opportunity to develop their skills to the fullest extent possible, provide professional instruction in a positive and challenging environment, and do what is in the best interest of the players. CarShield FC is also committed to the long-term overall development of the individual to become a well-rounded, productive and respected member of the community. CarShield FC is to create the ‘Best of the Best’ experiences and opportunities for youth soccer players through our clubs, events, and facilities.


Our vision is to have a recreational/competitive soccer organization that will allow our teams and athletes to compete at the highest level possible for their abilities.

Provide an environment that allows the individual athlete the opportunity to grow athletically and personally.

Promote an environment that will prepare individuals for the “next” phase of their life and athletic career, i.e., state team, regional team, high school, college.  This will be done through time management, preparation, pride, unity, humility, respect, passion, and teamwork.