Coach & Manager Registration 2024-2025

Coaches & Managers can begin signing up for the 2024-2025 Seasons at the link below. This link is unique for Coaches and Managers for CARSHIELD FUTBOL CLUB, and it is unique by role, so please choose the correct link.

24/25 Link Coming SOON

COACHES—Please note that you will need a good, clean copy (picture) of a current headshot, a copy of your Coaching license, a copy of your current SafeSport Certification, and a copy of your Heads Up or equivalent Concussion/Player Safety Certification certification.

24/25 Link Coming SOON

MANAGERS & ADMINISTRATORSplease note that you will need a good, clean copy (picture) of a current headshot. You will also need a current SafeSport Certificate as well as an approved Concussion/Player Safety Certification.

If you would like to view step-by-step instructions for this registration, click here.


Checklist for all MYSA Coaches & Admin:

  • MYSA Background Check (accessible only through your GotSport account – click here for instructions)
    Background checks are not available to be completed until after July 1st, 2023

How To Complete Requirements For Your Coaching Profile

ALL coaches, new or returning, will be required to complete the online SafeSport Risk Management course (or yearly refresher) and undergo a yearly background check.

Please contact Jeff Muhr – with any questions.