Academy Program


CarShield FC’s unique Academy Program is structured across 10+ months of training and high-level competition. CarShield FC’s year-long development model spans the fall and spring seasons. CarShield FC’s soccer players are introduced to top-level tournaments and club league competitions. CarShield FC’s soccer program is built around our CarShield FC Player Progression Plan, which optimizes the player’s development process by combining expert coaching with an annual competition schedule that’s centered on individualized technical, tactical, and personal growth within a world-class setting.

CarShield FC’s Academy has outlined age-specific workloads and training to ensure elite players have a clear pathway to progress through the program while maximizing their potential. Training includes team field sessions with an emphasis on decision-making and tactical game management, individual development plan sessions with a focus on video analysis and team building/leadership, as well as games and/or scrimmages. The program has well-defined concepts for attacking, defending, and transitioning as well as set plays and systems of play that are executed across every team.

Throughout the program, our Academy coaches leverage their professional and collegiate experience and ensure that each player has the necessary tools to achieve their goals. Academy coaches focus on developing the “competitor” through holistic training that includes positive decision-making, accountability, and a commitment to excellence.

Players within the program are competitive and possess key skills such as game insight and the ability to read plays, as well as position-specific qualities. The program environment prepares these elite players for the cultural experience of competing at the next level, whether that be in college or professionally. Players recognize the importance of a team atmosphere and develop lasting relationships with their teammates, coaches, and other support staff.


At the 11v11 level, our top Academy teams compete in the Midwest Conference in the USYSA’s National League

  • Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Nebraska, Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, North Dakota, and South Dakota. 
  • This is a regulation league and through success, teams advance to the National League Platform. 

Depending upon the depth and talent of a team, there are scenarios in which a second Academy team shall be formed and play in the National Premier League (NPL) under US Club Soccer. 


  • USYSA’s State Cup Competition with advancement opportunities to the USYSA Regionals and Nationals 
  • USYSA’s Presidents Cup
  • Regional and National competitions
  • College showcases

Training Schedule

The final schedule is TBD but at a minimum, the 11v11 Academy teams shall train from late July to early June. The intensity of the training will vary based on preparation for the various competitions and league game schedules. 


  • Academy teams have a separate kit from Club Program teams 
  • Look for future announcements on design concepts for the 2022-2023 season