Club Program U9-U19


CarShield FC is consistently ranked among the top clubs in the St. Louis metropolitan region due to the high performance of our teams. Yet, we believe the strength of our club derives from our focus at every level on the development of the player’s physical skills, emotional maturity, and sportsmanship. We believe that participation in sports as a whole, and soccer specifically, can play an important role in the formation of confident and respectful young men and young women. If your player child is serious about soccer, we can provide them with quality coaching, facilities, and opportunities to allow them to reach their full potential and build a love for the game. 


  • Fall and Spring.
    • All teams enrolled in the Club Program compete in the St. Louis Youth Soccer Association (SLYSA) League.  The seasons run from late August to early December and from late February to early June. 
  • Winter
    • Based on where each team standing in SLYSA is there are many options to choose from various Indoor Leagues or SLYSA futsal. It is a team choice where to play as part of the all-inclusive fee. 
    • The league the team chooses to participate in will determine the schedule.


  • As part of their all-inclusive fees,  teams are entitled to one tournament in the fall season and one tournament in the spring season. Tournaments’ selection is determined by the coaches from a list compiled by the Club. 
  • Oftentimes teams play in additional spring and fall tournaments. This decision is made at the team level and the associated cost is paid by the team. 

St. Louis offers a very competitive soccer region for the players to develop. We encourage our younger age-group teams to stay close to home and take advantage of this. However, as players get older, teams look to travel regionally in search of new challenges. Popular tournament locations include Kansas City, Memphis, Indiana, Chicago, and Tulsa. 

In the past two years, our top teams have been invited to play in the Premier Supercopa in June. This is a team-specific and National tournament that you must qualify for in order to participate. 

Training Schedule

  • Fall Training – 16 weeks, at 2 times per week (60-90 sessions*)
  • Winter Training – 6-8 weeks at 1 time per week (1-hour sessions)
  • Spring Training – 14 weeks, at 2 times per week (60-90 sessions*)

*training session duration varies from coach, team, facility

Weekly training consists of one training with your coach and one club (or trainer) coached session. We value the importance of our players getting to interact with different coaches to help with player growth.

To ensure our club-level players do not burn out and or get fatigued the club takes the month of December and July off to reset mind and body.


  • These are purchased separately.
    • Each player will need
      • Home jersey (1)
      • Away jersey (1)
      • Dri-fit training tops (3 for girls teams)*
      • pairs of shorts (2)*
      • pairs of socks (2)
      • Custom bag and warm-ups (Optional)

*final uniform requirements are determined by specific teams