CarShield FC Pre-Academy Program


CarShield FC’s Pre-Academy Program is unlike any other Pre-Academy program in our area. It’s structured across 10+ months of training with targeted competitions to not interfere with the player’s club level team but provide additional development opportunities with the best that age group has to offer within Carshield FC. We value the coaches and teams which these player’s developed through and as such, those teams shall remain the primary team at 7v7 and 9v9. 

CarShield FC’s long-term development model spans throughout the fall, winter, and spring seasons. CarShield FC’s soccer players are introduced to a higher level of competition through tournament play. CarShield FC’s Pre-Academy soccer program has defined age-specific workloads and training programs to ensure those elite players have a clear pathway to progress through the program and ultimately reach the Academy level teams and are prepared to compete regionally and nationally. 

Throughout the program, our Pre-Academy coaches leverage their professional experience and ensure that each player has the necessary tools to achieve these goals. Pre-Academy coaches focus on developing the “competitor” through holistic training that includes positive decision-making, accountability, and a commitment to excellence. Each player within the program is competitive and possesses key skills such as game insight and the ability to read plays, as well as position-specific qualities.

The program environment prepares these elite players for life beyond the club teams. Players recognize the importance of a team atmosphere and develop lasting relationships with their teammates, coaches, and other support staff.


CarShield FC Pre-Academy teams do not participate in league play (SLYSA).  The leagues are reserved for our club-level teams. 


Each Pre-academy team will compete in a minimum of three competitions. The dates and times of these specific competitions are selected to avoid interfering with the club team’s schedule. 

  • Labor Day or prior
  • Winter (Christmas Holiday – President’s Day)
  • Memorial Day or June

Training Schedule

CarShield FC is committed to players balancing training with their teams but being pushed appropriately to a higher level within the pre-academy structure. To avoid conflicts with the club training schedule Monday-Thursday the in-season additional training takes place Friday or Sunday evenings. During the Club team’s dead periods trainings shall be traditional training nights. 

  • Summer/Fall
    • Training for the Pre-Academy starts at a minimum one-week prior to the start of the rest of the club and continues on average once a week building into the first competition.
    • During the heart of the Fall Club schedule and after the fall competition training intensity will decrease as players will get their regular club trainings during this time.  
  • Winter
    • When the club teams winter shutdown takes place, our pre-academy teams continue to train and the intensity will build as preparation happens for the winter tournament. 
  • Spring
    • Similar to the fall the intensity during the club schedule will be tilted towards club team but the intensity will pick up as preparation for the summer tournament builds. 


  • Academy teams have a separate kit from club level teams 
  • Look for future announcements on design concepts for the 2022-2023 season


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