Junior Shields Program (U6-U8)


CarShield FC’s Junior Shields Program is built to build a passion for the game through fun and intentional learning. The program and league we play are designed to build individual technical ability in a safe and fun environment. 

The program enables your soccer player to:

  • The transition from recreational/CYC to competitive-level soccer
  • Build upon individual technical ability while gaining confidence on the ball
  • Learn to recognize space and make decisions (Dribble, pass, and shoot)
  • Begin the base development of their team structure on the field
  • Reinforce the love of the game and further enhance a passion for low pressure


  • Fall and Spring
    • Teams at the Juniors level compete in the St. Louis Youth Soccer Association (SLYSA) 4v4 division.  
  • Winter
    • At the team level and based on where each team is competitive there are many options to choose from including Indoor Leagues, and/or futsal leagues. This is a team-specific choice of where to play as part of their all-inclusive fee. 
    • CarShield FC believes to maximize development at these ages playing with walls will provide great opportunities with the ball. 


  • While developing, teams at this age do not play in tournaments. 
  • From time to time a team may choose to do that separately on their own

Training Schedule

  • Fall Training – 16 weeks, at 2 times per week (1-hour sessions)
  • Winter Training – 8 weeks, at 1 time per week (1-hour sessions)
  • Spring Training – 14 weeks, at 2 times per week (1-hour sessions)

To ensure our club-level players do not get burnt out and or fatigued the club takes the month of December and June (after tryouts) to late July off to reset.


  • These are purchased separately. 
  • Each player will need
    • 1 Home jersey
    • 1 Away jersey
    • 1 Dri-fit training top
    • 1 pair of shorts
    • 1 pair of socks
    • Custom CarShield FC bags and warm-ups are optional