CarShield FC – 2011G Academy (Formerly 2011 Courage)

Welcome to the CarShield FC 2011G Academy Team Page!

As Carshield FC girls look ahead, this rising club, while only two years old in name, has been laying a foundation of personal and soccer development through its players and teams long before the brand was around. Teams that formed as far back as 6 years have sustained success at all levels of SLYSA and national tournaments. With a long-term vision and approach in mind, CFC’s focus is not recruiting older
teams to fill spots in the club to be “Bigger” but bringing in players at younger ages and developing them properly. Creating quality, technically gifted soccer players that have a love for the game and placing them in an environment to be the best versions of themselves. CFC is not fixated on being the largest club in the region. The boutique approach provides something much greater for players and their families.
To start, our coaches, stay with their teams and we rotate club-based trainers, so players get a second and third voice in their development but also have consistency in their soccer life. The pre-academy structure is built to allow players to stay with their friends on the named teams (Courage, Reign, Spirit, Red Stars etc.) BUT get additional training and pushed appropriately through the Pre-Academy system
by our professional coaches and trainers.

The approach, while different allows sustained success through a proven methodology the market is just now seeing with the on-field success of our 2011 Courage team. A team that has survived three brand changes (Thorns, Madrinas and Real WC) but understood the bigger picture, a picture that it’s a marathon and not a sprint. The team that over 6 years had a player pool of just over 30 players vs. the hundreds at other clubs but competes and thrives every game.  A team that plays for each other, not with each other waiting for the next greater thing. A team built for success not only in soccer BUT also for later in life after the cleats are hung up.  It is also a team that takes CFC into the next chapter of its growth on the girl’s side as they expand regionally into the National League’s Midwest Conference
during the 2023-24 season.

Register in advance for the following 2023 dates.

– Monday, May 1st at Carshield Field in O’Fallon, MO from 7:00-8:30 pm
– Friday, May 12th at Principia High in Town and Country from 6:30-8:00 pm
– Monday, May 22nd at Carshield Field in O’Fallon, MO from 7:00-8:30 pm

If you would like additional information email Coach Brian at or call (636)352-5226.

Coach: Brian Long
USSF C License
Cell: 636.352.5226