For Immediate Release April 28th, 2022

Real WC C.F.C. & Real WC Nacho Soccer Clubs merge to create CarShield FC and add a long-term sponsor

Wentzville, MO – Real WC C.F.C. & Real WC Nacho are excited to announce an agreement to merge organizations forming a new soccer club to be known as CarShield Futbol Club (CarShield FC). Both Ignacio “Nacho” Novas (Real WC Nacho) and Steve Jose (Real WC C.F.C.) are proud of this new strategic effort to bring a new extremely competitive club to St. Louis and St. Charles communities starting in June of 2022.

  With this merger, we will advance a strong, proven boys’ program as well as enhance our girls’ program with more depth and strength. This strategic merger also allows us to build an appropriate Academy structure more quickly which we have been planning.”

– Steve Jose, Co-President

  I am excited about the merging of our two clubs because it creates a true metro area accessible soccer club covering all parts of the St. Louis Metropolitan area. It also allows all our families to have a home, in a strong program, for both boys and girls.”

– Ignacio “Nacho” Novas, Co-President

Here’s what you can expect from the new CarShield Futbol Club:

  • Aligned training philosophies designed to grow the player holistically while developing players to the highest standards.
  • Designed appropriate Academy and Pre-Academy programs that will develop players with the intention to compete locally, regionally, and nationally.
  • Increased club size offers a balance of options for boys and girls teams.
  • Consolidated staff & resources allow our trainers to better serve our players.
  • Combined training facilities, bring additional access to turf fields

In addition to this merger, CarShield has been added as a long-term sponsor for the new club. CarShield FC is very excited about rebranding with a renowned and respected national brand that is committed to this region, the club, our players, and our families.

 Ultimately, this long-term partnership will bolster our marketing, community partnership opportunities, and branding. Nick Hamilton, CarShield CEO, had this to say about the new sponsorship,

  CarShield is excited to partner with and develop CarShield FC. We love the opportunity this affords us to give back to the local communities that we are proud to be a part of. We are thrilled with the coaching and program experience this merger builds into CarShield FC, giving all players an avenue to achieve competitive excellence.

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ABOUT CARSHIELD FC CarShield FC is a highly competitive boutique-style select soccer club serving the St. Louis Metropolitan region, in Missouri. With more than 500 kids and 45 teams in its programs it constantly ranks as a top-performing competitive soccer organization.
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