CarShield Futbol Club (CFC) partners with Mindset Sports


CarShield FC (CFC) partners with Mindset Sports

CFC chooses a Mindset First approach…

St. Louis, MO – 7/17/2023 CarShield FC (CFC) and Mindset Sports announced today that they have entered a strategic partnership that will benefit players, coaches, parents & organizational leaders of CFC with a mindset-first approach.

The agreement brings together the girl’s side of the club, all coaches & organizational leaders of CFC with the developmental mindset coaching frameworks & pathways of Mindset Sports. CFC is a competitive youth soccer club in the Greater St. Louis region and Mindset Sports is a nationwide mindset coaching organization also based in the Greater St. Louis area.

“We are excited to partner with Mindset Sports to develop our players, coaches & parents by being able to intentionally focus on the mental side of performance,” said club Co-President, Steve Jose.

“We believe this partnership will allow CFC to set the standard across the soccer community and other youth sports in our area. Being able to integrate the Mindset Sports platform into what we do at our club is a huge win for our players, coaches & parents,” said Jose.

Families of CarShield FC (CFC) will be able to access the community framework, the mindset content & mindset coaches from Mindset Sports when the season kicks off in early August.

“We’ve worked for years to scale a model that makes mindset an everyday thing. Our partnership with CFC will facilitate learning & growth in a space that is mindset focused and empowers individuals to intentionally focus on performing with self-belief, confidence in abilities & consistency. We do this by focusing on the core principles of self-awareness, self-care & self-control,” said Mindset Sports Founder & Coach, Brad Dempsey.

“The community framework will allow CFC to intentionally focus on effective, efficient communication. The content will provide all CFC stakeholders with growth opportunities in self-leadership, leadership of others, and understanding performance. The coaching will provide CFC with the pathway to strategically build the positive culture that they desire so they can enhance the experience & maximize the potential of all their players,” said Dempsey.

About CarShield FC

The focus of CarShield FC (CFC) is the growth and development of players, teams, and organizations by always trying to do what is in the best interest of the individual player first.

CFC provides motivated soccer athletes the opportunity to develop their skills by providing professional instruction in a positive and challenging environment. CFC aims to achieve its goals with the combined efforts of its staff, volunteers, players, and their families.

About Mindset Sports

Mindset Sports uses mindset coaching frameworks & pathways to guide & develop competitors to close the gap between where they are and where they are capable of being, so they can maximize their potential both in & out of competition.

This is done by utilizing a community-based approach that enables induvial learning, shared learning, growth, and development with world-class coaching that applies the art and science of a proven and science-based methodology.